Sonic C Photography

Welcome to the hard working and improved fast world of Sonic C Photography! We do photography for all occasions: Weddings, Parties, Banquets, Fiestas, Corporate Events, Religious Ceremonies, Birthdays, Conferences, Food Photography, Personal Photo Shoots, and so much more.

To better suite all of your photography needs…
We are in the process of launching some wonderful new features:

Coming at You Sonic-C Fast:
• Wonderful Studio Space for Portfolios
• Great Pricing Details and Packages
• Profitable Website Advertising Space for Sale (an opportunity for our clients)

Here at Sonic C Photography, we handle all of your photographs from beginning to end. We do not outsource. With our state of the art digital cameras and our exceptional professionalism, your photos will come out better then you pictured it. To further ensure photo quality, each photo is met with individual attention by Sonic C himself.


* Charles Mitchell II (Sonic C) - Photographer & Founder
Call: 908-512-5457
Fb/twitter/instagram: @cmsonicc1

* Kurt Harris -
Call: 201-993-3091

* Matthew Dennis -
Call: 973-836-6549
Fb/instagram: @matthewdennis4

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Thanks for the support! "One Pic, One Memory!"
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